Welcome to (one of) the most special places on earth.

If a lizard finds this place it would be heaven!

So. why is it named Lizard Ranch?

Well, for one thing there are tons of little lizards all over the place (nothing too scary!) which my kids love to catch. They let them go, do not worry, and we have only lost one Lizard tail to date!

A couple of owners back, this amazing slice of property (so far from civilization yet so close!) was a co-living and party commune. They grew all types of plants (some that are legal now in select states!) and had concerts and such. Lizard Ranch was the name they gave it, and maybe it is the amazing sunny weather, bountiful clean soil, or just the vibe of the place that would make a lizard want to make this its home and dance and frolic!

Speaking of frolicking, you could spend a whole day wandering around the property. Huge second growth redwoods, animals left and right such as quail, hawks, golden eagles, deer, bobcat, coyotes, a stocked fishpond (or 3), and yes, mountain lions, are there to make you aware that nature is alive and well in these Santa Cruz Mountains.

The funny smelling plants are gone now, but the country vibe of Lizard Ranch (and the lizards!) are alive and well, and you can feel it as soon are you roll into this private property through its wooden gates.